Carlton Johnson

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Who Am I

I’m a self-development crusader who is passionate about developing myself and others.

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My Mission

To create engaging, learning experiences that deliver great ROI for businesses and allow learners to grow and develop.

To banish boring eLearning with no measurable ROI to the archives of history. 

My Expertise



Business focused

Having been a manager in a variety of sectors myself I understand ROI. The solution we create together will be focused on giving you a great return on investment.

It’s nice to create courses that learners enjoy doing; however, it’s something else to create a course that also brings measurable ROI. I put my business hat on and ensure everything is set up to meet the goals we define together.



Before handing over completed work I’ll run it through a detailed checklist to make sure graphics, accessibility, navigation, and other elements are optimum.

I’ll also check it thoroughly against the defined project goal to ensure every component aligns.


Person Centred

The Learner is at the heart of everything I create. I focus on meeting the learner where they are at and developing solutions that give them the skills that have been defined as part of the business goal.

The focus is helping them to “do” something rather than helping them to “know” something and the solutions I build help learners to practice “doing” what they need to. 


Expertise and Innovation

I’m constantly updating my skills so that I can deliver innovative solutions that get results and that are based in the latest science of how we learn. 


Project Management

I’m a PRINCE2 qualified project manager so I’m using to managing projects.

I’ll use my project manager experience to ensure the work we do together stays on track, and I’ll keep you informed every step of the way.



If I don’t think we are a right fit to work together, I’ll let you know.

I might even be able to recommend someone who is a better fit for your particular project. 


I’ve been involved with training and developing others, in some form, for over 10 years. That includes over nine years experience of creating online training content. For six of those years, I was the Managing Director of my own company which focused on creating websites and selling my own and other people’s products through them.

I closed my previous online business in 2013 to focus on my career in workforce management and development. However, my wife and I maintained a few personal websites focused on charity work, and in 2021, I decided the time was right to focus my energy on my main passion: developing others through online learning.


  • I was born in Birmingham, UK but have lived in London most of my adult life
  • I was a bit of a childhood sports star and competed nationally in track and field athletics and Internationally in Basketball. I was lucky enough to be offered a Basketball Scholarship to a University in America and count my years at University in America as my growing up years, where I made friends for life, played lots of basketball, and occasionally did a little studying
  • I’ve eaten a totally vegan diet since early 2014
  • I’m family orientated and everything I do is with them in mind
  • I’ve been happily married since 1997 and we have one grown up daughter
  • I’m passionate about equality and about treating everyone as I would like to be treated

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